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Today’s Aha-Erlebnis

  • There's a second, optional argument to CodeIgniter's uri segment helper which allows for a fall back default in cases where the uri segment returns false:
    $this->uri->segment(2, date('Y'));
  • When loading a CI view, there's an optional third argument which, when set to true, allows you to assign the view to a variable, instead of directly outputting it to the browser. Very very handy when constructing RSS feeds, PDF-downloads, or html emails:
    //mail config...
    $msg = $this->load->view('email_template', $data, TRUE);
  • At age two and a half my son is a confirmed, certified Apple nerd (do disregard Khadaffi audio in the back):

  • Today's favorite Beatles tune has to be Golden Slumbers.
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When Laura Meets Baby Britain

Billy Joel's point of view looks in from the outside, anger toward his "Nemesis" being the main driving force, whereas Elliott Smith tends to empathize with his "Nemesis", realizing he's been an accomplice all the way. It's an interesting juxta position -- while both songs are obvious witnesses of a jarring issue needing to be to cleared out.

Billy Joel - Laura

Elliott Smith - Baby Britain


A Concert For Jimmy

Jimmy Carl Black, original Mother of Invention, was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2008. A benefit concert is to be held on Sunday 9 November 2008. Tickets on sale here.

Concert For Jimmy Carl Black

I realize the timing for this entry is as odd as it gets, but then again: life has proven itself to be stranger than fiction on most every occasion.

Just in case you're wondering who the hell Jimmy Carl Black is: well, here he is playing the drums in a fantastic version of Frank Zappa's King Kong:

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The Rage & The Fury

While all of us Zappa freaks await the official release of FZ conducting Edgard Varèse's "The Rage & The Fury", I had some fun imagining what the cd-cover might look like. How's this:

The Rage & The Fury

Frank Zappa on Varèse:

[...] the thing that is fantastic about what he wrote for normal instruments is that he got sounds out of them that nobody had dreamed of before. For instance, "Deserts", which is probably the starkest of the pieces in terms of the way they deal with the raw material, there're special overblown chords that produce difference tones, which you wouldn't be able to get any other way – you know what I'm talking about? If you take two intervals and play them very loudly on a woodwind instrument – for instance, this one spot where two piccolos are playing either a Major second or minor second apart, very high octave – when you blow it real hard you hear a third note that's not there. To know in advance what's going to come out and to plan your composition to achieve effects like that was something that people just hadn't thought of doing before.