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Month: August 2005 (Page 1 of 2)

Buenos Aires Bound

Praise the web! Gabriela and I have been planning a trip to Buenos Aires for quite some time now. Literally everything has been booked/arranged online. Next December 9 we’ll be off on a flight to Buenos Aires via Amsterdam and São Paulo. We also managed to book a reasonably cheap appartment for our 4 week stay. While we’re there, we’ll take a 6-day trip to Buzios, Brazil. I’ve been saving up my holidays for this (didn’t take a single day off this year so far) so basically what I’m trying to say here is: while the rest of you shiver in the northern continent winter climate next December, I shall basically be sipping tequila’s and taking the occasional swim in the 4 star hotel’s pool. Not to mention spending x-mas and new-year in South-America. Woo! It’s a cruel cruel world.

Frank ‘n Debby

Non-symmetrical, “less-than-perfect” people constitute a drawing person’s gefundenes fressen — they shine in ink. Goodlooking, “symmetrical” people — you know the kind you tend to see in the tabloids — are a bore to draw (and quite possibly a bore to have for company altogether). Their features are bland, their expression indistinctive, their succes a pitiful outcome of lowest common denominator marketing-think. Unless. Unless a certain ethereal quality sets them apart. That particular je ne sais quoi — it doesn’t happen often, but when it does…

Debby Harry

Frank Zappa
FZ with tape recorder

On Colour

Last weekend was D-Day at Casa Moonbug. Having bought the paint months ago, Gabriela and I finally had some time to re-paint our Computer Room (yes: that’s with capitals — although we have a pretty big house, we practically live there). The previous owner had left the place with a bland, butt-ugly light pastel green that we’d been mind-numbingly enduring for years. Although I had anticipated the new colours to be a nice change, the transformation absolutely baffled me beyond expectation.

As you may know, I hardly ever use colour in whatever it is that I’m drawing. I tend to enter a state of mild hyperventilation when it comes to colour (Freudians: feel free to drop me a note) — but this, this goes to show how much colour can define, alter, add to a person’s mood.

So without further ado, in true Debbie Travis style, I present to you the Before and After Pictures (click to enlarge):



How about that. Full reportage over at Gabriela’s!

Dick Trek Epic

The Big Note, a Frank Zappa eZine of which I am an executive editor, will be featuring one of my early comics in their upcoming edition. It’s all pretty puerile and rudimentarily drawn, yet funny in a twisted sort of a fashion, or so I hope. Caution before you click: explicitnicity abounds…

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