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You know those water hose reels? One got thrown over the wall into our garden yesterday. Thump, like that. Gabriela picks up the thing, and goes ring on the neighbour‘s doorbell. The daughter opens.

– Is this yours per chance?
– Uhh, … dad?

Dad comes to the doorway.

– Is this yours per chance?
– Uhh… ah yes. It’s uhh the wifey’s… she-uhh she… had no more need for it.

He grabs the reel from Gabriela’s hands, mumbles “Thank you,” and closes the door.

I swear these people are smoking some serious shit.

Chateau L’ile Déserte

desert island

It’s “Bring Some Color To Moonbug” Day apparently. Here’s an oldie that came out rather nice, playing on the desert island cartoon-theme. It’s the first of a four panel cartoon for an invitation but I won’t bore you with the punchline. Coloring was done in Photoshop by setting the brush tool to “Darken”, then adding color on the same layer as the black line — hit or miss, that is. If I’d have known then that there’s such a thing as setting the line-layer to “Multiply”, then doing your coloring safely on another layer underneath, I’d have saved myself a lot of headaches…

Whoah, Color!

gaby 13 9 2005

Looking at Wally Torta‘s drawings, I noticed he colors many of his drawings straight from within Photoshop as opposed to, oh, mucking about with water color. Here’s a stab at that kind of technique. Sorta, kinda…

Edit: …an hour later and I’m still at it. Slow day at the office…
gaby bis

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