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“Cut it with the world war I stuff already, moonbug! We’re bored and want to see new drawings!” (this is my imaginary audience talkin’.) Well okay here’s some random stuff you may or may not like:

Guy looking up, middle-aged greaser and seml-nude study.

Hey look. It’s a non-existent guy with a moustache. What more can I say.

Poor Attempt At Chair.

Dead objects are boring to me. But I guess you figured that out by now.

Think I’ll call this “Studious Man With Quif And Glasses Drawing Self Studiously”.

Parisian prostitute, mid 19th century. Or maybe a medieval witch, right before she’s burnt at the stake! Who knows.

October Ypres

If you know your Spanish, this one might just make you laugh and cry at the same time. In fact it might make you laugh and cry at the same time, even if you don’t know your Spanish.



Yesterday Gaby and I and a couple of friends of ours took a day long trip to visit the multitude of World War I monuments, museums, cemeteries and memorial sites that are scattered around in the part of Belgium where we live. It was an impressive confrontation with a past which is still very much alive in a way. The weather was gorgeous, and many pictures were taken. The one above (click to enlarge) was taken by Gaby and I think it’s absolutely stunning. Not because I’m in it mind you. The whole composition, the light, the mild surrealism it emits, the story it hints at, are what struck me about this picture.

Couch Potato

Back in art school one of our assignments was to make a series of drawings based on a single theme. The theme I chose was “people watching TV”. Below are some of the preliminary sketches I made (not the finished artwork). I drew my inspiration mainly from a photobook called, guess what, “Television”. Hope you like them.

tv 1

tv 2

tv 3

tv 4

tv 5

tv 6

tv 7



My grandma turns 91 today. A toddler in world war one, a 20-something in world war two. The stories she has to tell are amazing. Like the time, close to the end of the war, when the frontline was literally on her doorstep. Like the time she stayed awake all night worrying about my granddad who was on some mission with the Belgian resistance. Yes: there was such a thing as Belgian resistance!

resistance medal

My granddad survived the war and received an honorary “Medal of Resistance” on April 2nd, 1949. He died in 1988…
One can’t but wonder what the world would have looked like had it not been for brave “little” people like the two of them.

Respect — and happy birthday granny! I love you loads.

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