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Month: November 2005 (Page 1 of 2)

Ragged Glory

Neil Young

It’ll probably come as no surprise that I’m a huge Neil Young fan. I learnt to play the guitar by listening to his albums. To me, he’s sort of like the older brother I never had. So much warmth, consolation and wisdom can be found in his music. Long may he run!

Edited 28/11: put up a better scan.



For the uninitiated: this is supposed to depict a sleeping bag draped over a chair.


Here’s a bunch of preliminary brush/ink doodles from way back in 1991 (click thumbs for full view). They’re part of a school assignment that included creating a poster, folder etc. to promote the wonderful town of Barcelona which we’d visited previously. As usual, the (splendid!) architecture of the city didn’t tickle my creative juices as much as the people I observed there — my brain works funny that way. Brush and ink is a wonderful yet tricky medium, though I think these turned out satisfactory. It’d be fun to vectorize them — I may well do that shortly.
And if architecture’s your thing, check out Evy’s beautiful sketches of Barcelona!

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