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Month: June 2006

Words To Live By

“It’s necessary to “waste” a certain amount of energy in order to allow new ideas to emerge from the random spinning off of doodles, scribbles, worthless foolishness, playful notions, silliness, aimless meandering, wandering down dead-end streets, a few of which may turn out not to be dead-ends. As I say, this is necessary activity… It’s not healthy to always be devoted to a specific direction, a certain idea… The mind becomes rigid, stifled… Sooner or later it’s necessary to break out, to goof off… This isn’t to say that during these relaxed periods you should allow yourself to be passively robbed of your energy [by others] such as TV, books, etc… Part of the time, at least, must be devoted to randomly wandering about in a creative way which may possibly lead to new discoveries within yourself!
It’s difficult to explain… forget it…”

— R. Crumb, July 29th ’75

Pink Periscope

Pink Periscope

You know those people who live in a wonderful fluffy pink universe, typically the size of a peanut? Here’s a prime specimen. World: meet Edna. Note the physiology of the neck which, much like a periscope, allows for brief peeks into the real world.

Squirrel Notes

Went to see Zappa Plays Zappa in Brussels last Tuesday. The accoustics were horrible, in stark contrast to the music which was absolutely superb. Since I have a ZPZ reviews thread open over at Kill Ugly Radio, I figured it was of the utmost importance that I, at least, provided some insightful commentary afterwards. So I printed out the Berlin playlist prior to the concert and scribbled notes on it in total obscurity throughout the show:

Zappa Plays Notes

This is just a sample; there were more!
In retrospect, they turned out to be anything but useful. It’s akin to that great Simon Carmiggelt anecdote where he wakes up in the middle of the night with A Grand Ideaâ„¢, grabs his notebook and, half-awake, in semi-darkness, writes down the Incredibly Insightful Dream which is surely going to provide ideas for his next essay. He wakes up the next morning to have a look at his notebook where, in big emotional letters, it is written: “Little brown squirrel on the road!”.

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