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Month: September 2006 (Page 1 of 2)

Warm Beer And Cold Women

See? Told you there was a reason for this.

warm beer and cold women

… and yes: I am now officially knee-deep in Tom Waits Territory. Last week, Gaby and I robbed the local library of whatever Tom Waits CD’s were available, and have been putting them on heavy rotation since. I absolutely love working on this — wish I had more illustration jobs that were equally challenging and inspiring.

The Big September ’06 Banner Swap

Out with the old, in with the new! The previous moonbug banner (codename “meh”) had been sitting up there for close to 2 years, its depicted “self-portrait” leading many a reader into believing that I am an old, grumpy, ugly curmudgeon. While all of the aforementioned adjectives may well be true (with the obvious exception of “ugly”), I figured it was time for a change. The new one is a cropped version of this photo as taken by my beloved better half. I hope you like it, as it is here to stay. If not, you can always keep abreast of moonbug dot org via RSS. You decide…

Note: make sure you force refresh your browser into downloading the new css-stylesheet…


  • I had fun last night sketching a buxom Betty Page-esque 50s stripper (yes: this does have a purpose, stay tuned). The drawing’s unfinished at present, however here’s a litle time-lapse movie showing the proceedings thus far (partial nudity alert).
  • My attempt at a YouTube version turned out to be rather crappy, alas.
  • In other news, I’ve posted some pictures of my “workspace” on Flickr for your perusal. You’ll note the slightly surreal webcam-taped-to-a-microphone-stand set-up used to shoot the movies.
  • Gabriela took some nice pictures of the area where we live. So nice in fact, people in the comments are convinced it is a cardboard stage dreamed up by scriptwriters. Ha!
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