Drawings, Work

Tattoo You: Epilogue

For those who haven’t been following along: I had been commissioned recently to make a drawing which was to be the basis of a tattoo eventually.

Now that the drawing has finally turned into an actual tattoo, I can tell you that the “client” was Pat of thebooge.ca. His account of the proceedings if you’re interested: “Marked For Life”.

I’m delighted to know the tattoo turned out splendid. Buzz of SilverLine Tattoo, it must be said, did an incredible job producing a tattoo based on what was a pretty complex drawing.

You’re dying to see that tattoo by now, aren’t you? Well here it is:

booge tattoo

A little reddish and ouchy still, yes — however: mission accomplished. May it bring you and your family nothing but good karma, Pat!

Me Myself And I, Music


You may have noticed my linking a couple of days ago to a guitar-tab page for Elliott Smith‘s song “Angeles”. In my opinion, this is one of Elliott’s most brilliant compositions — lyric-wise as well as melody-wise. As with many of his tunes, Angeles sounds deceptively simple. Only when you attempt to sing and play it on the guitar does it become clear how intricate and beautiful the chord changes are. There’s a different chord just about every single word and if you’re going to play it right, you’re going to have to know every single one of them.

Obsessive as I am, I spent the last couple of days trying to master the tune. Here’s a little QuickTime video with a version I’m moderately satisfied with, warts ‘n all (YouTube edit for those on dial-up). It obviously comes nowhere near the way Elliott Smith performed it — although on occasion Angeles proved to be a tough one to play live, even for him…