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Month: April 2007

Spring ’07


A picture taken mid April 2007. Temperature was 25° C and rising. We had a wonderful day out in the field, but something doesn’t sit right: it should, at this time of year, be raining.

The Pitch That Was Naught

I unsubscribed from Everyday Matters. Let’s just say it didn’t turn out to be my idea of a good time.

Now then: how about some alternative superhero’s?

Cleese-Man loves dead parrots. He “farts in your general direction”.

One word: lips.

Raggedy Rabbi
Aah, Raggedy Rabbi. Where there is existential doubt, Raggedy Rabbi comes to the rescue.

Has-No-Purpose Man
Has-No-Purpose-Man has, well, no purpose.

China Girl
China Girl carries bricks. China Girl carries a grudge. You do not want to mess with China Girl.

Flakey Foont Senior
Few are aware of the fact that Flakey Foont had a dad. Here he is. Flakey Foont Senior can’t but love his son, regardless of the hideous acts Foont Jr. committed.

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