Here’s a paradigm that I shall dub Moonbug’s Law: “Lack of interesting new content will cause the introduction of automated third-party content widgets which lure the unsuspecting visitor into believing that there is actually new content”. In keeping with this law, you can now look in awe at my recently taken Flickr pictures (Moonbugr), and view what music I’ve recently been listening to on (Alright, Zubin, Hit It!).

Just a tiny update though for those interested:

  • Gabriela’s now in her 23rd week of pregnancy, and we’ll get to see Emma on the echography device again next Tuesday
  • Her gynaecologist’s name is Dr. Page — how cool is that? I keep expecting him to burst into an acappella version of Dazed & Confused while feeling his way up there
  • The next day, Gabriela leaves for a month to snowy Argentina to join her dad who’s been having some health troubles
  • During this period I shall wither and die be very creative and compose music and draw a lot! And do my own laundry as well!