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Month: August 2007

Pigeon Resting

Spotted this pigeon sitting on top of a chimney right across the road. She seemed exhausted and stayed there for about half an hour just eyeballing us while Gaby and I snapped pictures, before flying off to who knows where.



More snapshots here.

Thank You


Emma was buried last Tuesday, after a short ceremony. It was a warm and sunny day. Above is the memorial stone Gaby and I made the day before, to lay on her grave. The last song we played in her honour was Astronaut by Lais and Spinvis. For that is what she is now: weightless, listening to the planets that sing softly of the wonders that await her.

To all who have commented here, emailed us, or made a phonecall: it warms our heart to know you’re out there caring. It is often said that Music Is The Best — and in the end it probably is. But right now, you guys are the best.

Thank you.

Silver Girl


On August 1st at 16:24, Emma was born a beautiful baby. She was however delivered prematurely and did not survive the ordeal. Words quite simply fail me at this point in time. She will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Goodbye Emma. If anything, my sweet girl, you have given us new meaning to the word love — and for that we are grateful.

Sail on, Silver Girl.

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