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Every time I sneeze, my kid starts to laugh uncontrollably. Given the season we’re in, he’s getting a lot of laughs. I don’t believe in any gods but by golly: well played Mother Earth, well played. Keep up the good work.

I Am An Island

  • Facebook wants me to update my status
  • Twitter wants me to be opinionated and witty about my status
  • Google+ wants me to elaborate on my witty, opinionated status in long form
  • (MySpace thinks I’m a musician)

When Laura Meets Baby Britain

Billy Joel’s point of view looks in from the outside, anger toward his “Nemesis” being the main driving force, whereas Elliott Smith tends to empathize with his “Nemesis”, realizing he’s been an accomplice all the way. It’s an interesting juxta position — while both songs are obvious witnesses of a jarring issue needing to be to cleared out.

Billy Joel – Laura

Elliott Smith – Baby Britain

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