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I Am An Island

  • Facebook wants me to update my status
  • Twitter wants me to be opinionated and witty about my status
  • Google+ wants me to elaborate on my witty, opinionated status in long form
  • (MySpace thinks I’m a musician)

Guitar Tabs For Billy Joel’s Laura

These days, Billy Joel is generally being brushed off as an 80’s sellout wanker (here’s looking at you, Uptown Girl), but I really think The Nylon Curtain features some terrific songs: there’s Allentown, Pressure, Goodnight Saigon — and then there’s Laura.

Okay, so I’m admittedly somewhat obsessed with this song (previously) and its intricate chord changes in particular. Sat myself down with my guitar for half an hour in an effort to figure out the chords, as the Google had failed me dismally. Here’s what I came up with — mainly for my own reference, so hold your horses…

G- D# - C

Main theme (as in Laura Calls me / In the middle of the night):
G - Em - A7 - C7

First bridge (as in I’m on her side / Why does she push the poison on me?):
F7 - Em /* @TODO: that 'oh wow wow' */

Second bridge (as in Here I am / Feeling like a fucking fool / Do I react…):
A# - C7 - Cm - A#

Now these chord changes may well owe their exotic feel due to my picking G as the root chord but still: cleverly done Mr Joel, most cleverly done…

Today’s Aha-Erlebnis

  • There’s a second, optional argument to CodeIgniter’s uri segment helper which allows for a fall back default in cases where the uri segment returns false:
    $this->uri->segment(2, date('Y'));
  • When loading a CI view, there’s an optional third argument which, when set to true, allows you to assign the view to a variable, instead of directly outputting it to the browser. Very very handy when constructing RSS feeds, PDF-downloads, or html emails:
    //mail config...
    $msg = $this->load->view('email_template', $data, TRUE);
  • At age two and a half my son is a confirmed, certified Apple nerd (do disregard Khadaffi audio in the back):

  • Today’s favorite Beatles tune has to be Golden Slumbers.

When Laura Meets Baby Britain

Billy Joel’s point of view looks in from the outside, anger toward his “Nemesis” being the main driving force, whereas Elliott Smith tends to empathize with his “Nemesis”, realizing he’s been an accomplice all the way. It’s an interesting juxta position — while both songs are obvious witnesses of a jarring issue needing to be to cleared out.

Billy Joel – Laura

Elliott Smith – Baby Britain

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