Now we’re cookin’!

I just finished upgrading WordPress to its latest 1.5 incarnation. Things went, shall we say, moderately smooth. My old index.php file was causing the trouble which is why you’re currently looking at the default (yet wonderful) Kubrick theme, as authored by Binary Bonsai.

First impressions:

  • The themes-based layout-scheme is brilliant as it allows for one-click skinning of the site. It also means you can at all time revert back to a previous layout without the need for any local backups of previous layouts.
  • The dashboard: hmmm… too much WP-related advertising for my taste, or at least too much emphasis on it. The “recent news” links could be a lot less obtrusive in my view. I’m sure the upgrade party went great, Matt, but you see I’m more interested in my site’s own stats actually. (And my name is Zeus, but I’ll elaborate on that later!)
  • No more easy-peasy markup widgets like “link” or “em” or “strong” etc — at least not when using WP in Safari. I didn’t like them initially, then got into the habit of using them, and just when I did, they remove them again! Sure I could whip up Firefox but that’s not my idea of a good time… :)
  • I was hoping for an integrated stats package, as is the case with Dean Allen’s textpattern, but I guess that’ll be a 2.0 feature.
    Edit: couple of hours of surfing and I run across this stats plugin. Heh.
  • Note to self: make .htaccess file writable (666) before adding static pages (which is another cool feature by the way). If not, the htaccess file doesn’t get automatically updated when publishing — something that had me puzzled for about half an hour.
  • I still don’t get what the “custom fields” are about.
  • Then again: I’m stupid.

This of course is only for testing purposes as my main goal is to upgrade the WP-install for Kill Ugly Radio where I don’t have the luxury of the occasional royal fuck-up. We’ll see how that goes…