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Notes On KUR’s New Look

KUR 5.0 has launched. Some notes:

  • Layout numbering/versioning is designer narcisism at its finest. I find it funny as hell!
  • It took about a week to go from Photoshop comp to finished html/css.
  • It took about half an hour to port all of WordPress‘s pages to the new layout.
  • It took about 4 hours to port all of MovableType generated pages to the new layout.
  • There’s about 2000 WP pages, and about 200 MT pages.
  • If it wasn’t for MT’s multiple blog feature, i would’ve ported those pages to WP ages ago (articles & discog are still MT powered)
  • While the new layout was not yet public, this plugin allowed me to view the new theme when the rest of the world was still looking at the old one (I would like to see MT pull that one off — hah!)
  • Nested unordered lists (read: the entire sidebar) are a bitch to handcode, believe you me.
  • There is in fact only one new significant graphic element in the layout, namely the FZ-pic. All other elements were recovered from previous themes.
  • If not for some hidden div containing invalid counter code all pages would most probably validate as xhtml 1.0 transitional.
  • If that makes no sense to you, consider yourself a lucky person (ignorance, bliss, and all that).
  • I would not have adopted this new look if Gabriela had not told me she liked it (better).
  • This is the last KUR-redesign for quite a while, trust me.
  • Although…

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  1. Gaby

    4 days and counting…!!! :)

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