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Mr Moonbug Goes To Town

Here’s what happens when the wife and I go into town “just to buy a fan, ’cause it’s kinda hot these days”:


We did get the fan as well though…


  1. Joy

    I wonder what can happen when wife and you come here:,-58.443489&spn=0.041422,0.060094&t=k&hl=en to buy something (cause it’s gonna be hot).

    are you ready for that?

  2. Joy

    fucking google urls (!!!!)

  3. Jurgen

    Just a guess: entirely new wardrobe, cd’s, books, tons of Mates, comics, cheap technology, … did I mention tons of Mates? It all depends on how much luggage we’re allowed to take back with us from B’aires!

  4. Gaby

    Esqiusme! you talkin’ about me..?
    ok, it’s true :-)

    *thanks for the maps from Buenos Aires! I’ve been scrolling for half an hour now…*

  5. Joy

    here: you can have a bird sight of other places of Argentina. I’ve been crontributing a bit.
    and now about Wervik: believeme, I’ve tried to find Werkvik though it’s quite difficult.
    I’ve started from Lille ( but couldn’t find the right spot. Maybe you people with all your might will be able to. If so, drop me a line somewhere.


  6. Jurgen

    Wervik? Easy peasy! Esta aqui! It’s the tiny town to the left, right above the part of the map that has satellite imagery (which would be the Lille area).

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