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On Colour

Last weekend was D-Day at Casa Moonbug. Having bought the paint months ago, Gabriela and I finally had some time to re-paint our Computer Room (yes: that’s with capitals — although we have a pretty big house, we practically live there). The previous owner had left the place with a bland, butt-ugly light pastel green that we’d been mind-numbingly enduring for years. Although I had anticipated the new colours to be a nice change, the transformation absolutely baffled me beyond expectation.

As you may know, I hardly ever use colour in whatever it is that I’m drawing. I tend to enter a state of mild hyperventilation when it comes to colour (Freudians: feel free to drop me a note) — but this, this goes to show how much colour can define, alter, add to a person’s mood.

So without further ado, in true Debbie Travis style, I present to you the Before and After Pictures (click to enlarge):



How about that. Full reportage over at Gabriela’s!


One thought on “On Colour

  1. Enough to really make you reconsider the whole color thing, isn’t it? I’m jealous–I completely love the new look, the richness and coziness. I used to be a big fan of “light and airy” in a room and, in some cases, I still am. But of late, I’ve come to appreciate what warmth can do. Enjoy your new space.

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