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Yes I moronically ran out of gas earlier today, and yes I had to call upon Gaby to drive over on her scooter carrying along a three liter jerrycan of Euro Super 95. And yes, sometimes one wishes one hadn’t set up one’s wife with a World Wide Web Weblog!

Introducing Weirdo Cards

While it has been announced elsewhere I would like to direct your attention to our latest little pet project:

Ah, so that’s what all the fuzz was about! Yup.

WeirdoCards basically serves as a playground for Gaby and me to present drawings, sketches, collages etc. It has the added functionality of an eCard service which means you can send the artwork to friends as an -uh- eCard. The twist is that you provide the message to the card, not us. Merry Christmas animated gifs be gone!

Why weirdo cards? Well, there’s some pretty bizarre and weirdo stuff there

I’d be interested to hear from anyone visiting the site what you think. Any suggestions and/or remarks can be sent to — or posted in the comments, of course.

Venetian Druid

If only Anthony Perkins had had the chance to act in a fantasy film — say “Harry Potter Versus The Venetian Druid” — he would’ve accepted the part of the Venetian Druid, and he would’ve looked something like this:

venetian druid

Drawing As Zen

As an art student at the academy, without a doubt my favorite class was live model drawing.

It’s hard to explain the kick one gets when a drawing becomes more than just a couple of lines on paper. It has something to do with a level of concentration and focus which gracefully allows you to forget anything that was previously on your mind. It also has to do with a sort of epiphany you experience once you fully understand the underlying anatomy of the subject you’re trying to capture.

It will suddenly, effortlessly, all make sense. There is no more trying, the pursuit is no longer that of “making a good drawing”, in fact there is no longer any sort of pursuit, other than to delve further into this elusive level of reality you have been fortunate enough to hit upon.

There are other realms where I have encountered this kind of almost zen-like focus, where labourous effort at a certain point makes way for effortless understanding. One is to play music, the other one I shall not elaborate upon — though you are free to guess!

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