Words To Live By

“It’s necessary to “waste” a certain amount of energy in order to allow new ideas to emerge from the random spinning off of doodles, scribbles, worthless foolishness, playful notions, silliness, aimless meandering, wandering down dead-end streets, a few of which may turn out not to be dead-ends. As I say, this is necessary activity… It’s not healthy to always be devoted to a specific direction, a certain idea… The mind becomes rigid, stifled… Sooner or later it’s necessary to break out, to goof off… This isn’t to say that during these relaxed periods you should allow yourself to be passively robbed of your energy [by others] such as TV, books, etc… Part of the time, at least, must be devoted to randomly wandering about in a creative way which may possibly lead to new discoveries within yourself!
It’s difficult to explain… forget it…”

— R. Crumb, July 29th ’75


One thought on “Words To Live By

  1. I get what you are saying R Crumb. Playing without a plan is a wonderful way to plug in to new and exciting ways of creating. Not everything I create needs to be a Masterpiece or even good. It’s the journey not the destination that is my joy. If only others could learn to let go too………..

    Have an artfull day

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