Must. Update!

This is the one where I post something to apologize for not having posted lately. To my defense: I’ve been busy! Anyway, here are some eCards Gaby and I recently added to WeirdoCards. Clicking them will transport you to the corresponding WeirdoCards page where you will be able to send it to your friends and relatives! In no particular order:

Tooth Ache


A drawing I made based on a teacher at the academy, handily recycled as a man with a tooth ache.

Special Delivery Girl


Delivering pizza across Manhattan, Special Delivery Girl delivers pizza umm where, um, no special delivery girl has delivered pizza before.

Whatever Dude


Ever had to deal with a “Whatever Dude”? The Whatever Dude invariably denies all responsibility for whatever happened and will invariably shove all responsibility upon your shoulders. You do not want to be in the presence of a Whatever Dude, trust me.

Angel Tattoo


This one should look familiar to anyone who’s been following this weblog for a while.

Marvin, Elvis Fan


He calls himself Marvin, he’s homeless, and he hates it when you take his picture. Oh, and he lives on the streets of Vegas.

Godzilla Chicken


Bit of a back story: Google Maps doesn’t have satellite imagery for my (admittedly) small hometown — only a red dot. Which led Gaby to conclude that there must be a giant rubber Google-sponsored chicken that excretes red balls upon little villages so that they remain visible within Google Maps. Yes: I am very happily married.

Vader, The Snowman


My personal favorite! No explanation needed, me thinks.