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The Tom Waits Bio: All 12 Illustrations

I just sent off all 12 “final” illustrations for the Tom Waits biography to the publisher. Gaby and I hadn’t looked at them for a while, and seeing them again now I must say we’re both rather pleased with the results. Below you’ll find thumbnails which, when clicked, will reveal the full collage. We’re interested to know what you think about them — and oh yes: signed and numbered high res prints on luxurious heavy-weight paper are for sale!
Without, as they say, further ado (click pics for full view):

Old Shoes and Picture Postcards

Asylum Years

Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night

Warm Beer And Cold Women

Foreign Affairs

This One’s From The Heart

Swordfish Trombones

Frank’s Wild Years

The Large Print Giveth And The Small Print Taketh Away

Who Are You Now?

What’s He Building In There?

The Long Way Home


  1. The Nighthawk

    GREAT work! VERY nice!!

  2. wagonized

    I am loving the results of your work. “what’s he building in there?” is probably my favorite. I could be wrong, but it looks like a more recent Tom Waits.

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