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Book Meme

Kevin of diseased wits has passed on to me this internets virus called “the Book Meme“. I would like to thank him for infecting me.

Okay so here we go:

Number of books on shelf?
– including comic books: about 500.
sans comic books: about 50.
Now what does that say about me?

Last book purchased?
The Complete New Yorker Cartoons (which can be seen here). A great collection of cartoons gathered in an insanely thick, luxurious book. All the cartoons are also on 2 cd’s that come with the book. This one is perfect for impressing friends and visitors by casually having it lying around on the coffee table. Oooh’s and aaah’s will invariably abound.

Book I’m reading right now?
I am that person who is the last one on earth to be reading Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Yes, that would be me. It really is a mindboggling read though I have to say. I tend to rigorously steer clear of anything that smells of hype, but this one hasn’t disappointed me one bit. All that occult underground symbolical stuff is fascinating. Let’s hear it for Maria Magdalena!

Last five books read?
– Frank Zappa – a Biography (Barry Miles)
– The R. Crumb Handbook (Robert Crumb, Pete Poplaski)
– Groucho and Me (Groucho Marx)
– Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert Pirsig)
– XML 1.1, the Complete Handbook (Elliotte Rusty Harold)

Passing the torch to?
And now to further spread the virus, I am passing the torch to these unfortunate souls:

  1. Gabriela
  2. Pat
  3. Juan
  4. Jimena


  1. Gaby

    There you have it…

  2. Joy

    ok, ok, I’ll try to remember what’s “to read” ;)

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