the sun's not yellow it is chicken

More Sketches

Lame title, I agree. Anyway:


  1. victorie

    i really like that interior!

    yeah,yeah, the portraits too of course… :)

  2. Karen Winters

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your new entries. Go Jurgen!

  3. Kathleen Marie

    You’ve recorded a lot in this interior drawing! Very nice. I really like the facial expressions that you captured in your portrait sketches. :)

  4. Evy

    Wow! Very nice sketch of your desk, Jurgen! And you’re very good with drawing people.

  5. Detlef

    Excellent work, like the people – slightly Robert Crumbish in style. Good stuff.

  6. Terri

    I love the lively nature of your drawings. They make me smile. Well done. I think you have a great natural style. :)

  7. moonbug

    I guess it goes to show: the messier your desk, the more interesting a drawing you get! Thanks all…

  8. carla

    Cool people illustrations…lots of movement! I like your interior as well…great lines and details.

  9. Maggie

    I like the loose line of this illustration (table and chair) Jurgen, and the guy with the big arms and big smile is just great. You captured the shape of his facial features perfectly.

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