the sun's not yellow it is chicken


Heeeeere’s Frankie — again!

Frank Zappa


  1. Karen Winters

    Ooo, nice linework!

  2. Julie Oakley

    This is wonderful – I love the wavy, curly scribbly line and the large solid areas

  3. Malinda

    Wonderful drawing, you’ve captured Frank’s essence with the lines as well as his likeness! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Frank B in CA

    Excellent!! I love the way you use BLACK without worry or shyly!!

  5. moonbug

    Thanks all… now go listen to some Frank Zappa will ya! ;)

  6. Felicity

    Wow, that’s a whole hunk of masculinity!

  7. Roger Bourland

    Beautiful portrait of Zappa. I love the intensity of the black.

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