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Lines On Paper

Arguably the best back-cover ever on a book:

lines on paper

© R. Crumb – The R. Crumb Handbook

“and remember: It’s only lines on paper, folks!!


  1. Karen Winters

    Wonderful! if you were visiting in Los Angeles, I would point you over to the Museum of Contemporary Art where they currently have a vast exhibition of R Crumb original comic panels on display, including Mr. Natural and others. It’s part of their Masters of American Comics exhibit which includes extensive displays of Eisner, Spiegelman and more.

  2. moonbug

    Right, well I think I just decided on my next holiday location then, ha… That sounds like a really great exhibit Karen, wish I could pay it a visit. The only Crumb-exhibition I’ve ever seen was in a small London gallery. Unfortunately we arrived there about 15 minutes before closing time, so by the time I’d had a look at the first Mr Natural drawing we were kicked out of the premise. Someday…!

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