Warning! Partial Nudity!

Had to go up to the attic this morning to have a look at our boiler. While mucking around in semi-darkness upthere, I rediscovered a folder with drawings I did “way back when”. Here’s a first selection — more to follow…

The pitch: it’s an oracle kind of a guy with a bizarre looking beard who takes on an elf-like androgynous creature with really funny pants! Don’t ask me why but the idea never took off.

walter matthau
This started out as a Walter Matthau portrait I think. The resemblance is still there sorta-kinda, but even though it’s not “spot on”, I liked the lines on this one.

dang ho
As promised: partial nudity! Why “Dang Ho”? Beats me.


4 thoughts on “Warning! Partial Nudity!

  1. You blew my cover Roberto — you have an excellent eye for drawing styles I must say. Although the last one was indeed a dead give-away. No, I’ve never read “Click”, but Manara has been a major source of inspiration for me. I love his contemplative pen strokes, I love the sensuality he manages to put into his drawings. Each line pre-conceived and there for a reason. One of my heroes, he is.

  2. Well, I have to say that I sort of payed more attention to his female characters than to his technique. I was a teenager after all.
    And since you seem to have ties with Argentina, have you seen Altuna’s work?
    Ask Gaby about Pampita (the original, not the model)

  3. Will do.

    Didn’t know Altuna, but I see you’ve put up some scans on your site. I was however introduced to the wonders of Mafalda through Gabriela.

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