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Greenhorns In Print

I’m not one to toot my own horn (ha!), but it’s always nice to see one’s own drawings appear in print.

The CD-cover…

Greenhorns CD cover

The postcard…

Greenhorns Postcard

“Funk”, by the way, means “radio” in German — although the Greenhorns do sound pretty funky!


  1. Karen Winters

    Congratulations and well done! Really nice cross hatching.

  2. Miyuki Mouse

    Wow, nice line work! And I love the colour scheme.

    (So do you live in Germany then? I wish I was there right now: one of my favourite Japanese singers is going to be performing in Berlin soon.)

  3. Kevin

    Excellent work!

  4. moonbug

    Thanks guys!
    Miyuki: actually no I live in Flanders, Belgium which is west of Germany. How I get to do work for a German brass band, well that’s a story for another day… ;)

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