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The Day Powazek Linked To Moonbug

This site gets about 20 unique visitors a day, many of them via Google Image Search, looking for this (hello, “nude+guy” googlers!). Peanuts of course, but I don’t mind as I don’t do anything to promote it in any way. I actually find this absence of “must update, must attract new readers!” pressure quite pleasing, and hardly ever Check My Statsâ„¢.

One lazy Saturday in September last year however, right after I had posted Hairweave Biff, I did have a look at who was visiting. Surprise: SiteMeter tells me some 200 people have visited — and it’s only 12:30 pm. Weird. Click on referers. Jaw drops.

powazek links to moonbug

Derek Powazek had linked to Moonbug. Derek “Fray” Powazek, a widely read blogger working at Technorati, married to another widely read blogger — had linked to Moonbug. My Frank & Debby entry to be exact.

For the next couple of days, traffic went through the roof. Suddenly, figuring out what to post next became of such quintessential importance that I froze and didn’t post anything. For a week. And when I finally did post something, I had to go and share this wonderful demonstration of dull mediocrity with the world. Brilliant timing indeed. Mister Cool, oh yeah.

So now we’re back to 20 unique visitors a day, the warm coziness of internet obscurity, and an audience that consists largely of people desperate to see a drawing of a naked man (hello, “nude+guy” googlers!).

Unless of course, Mr. Powazek decides to link me up again.
Hey: it could happen to you!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to Check My Statsâ„¢.


  1. pat

    ha. back in the day, i had a site called “statue molesters”. the idea was that people would take pictures of themselves fondling statues and i would post them. it was fun, eventually became a chore and i gave the idea away to someone who turned my cute idea into a banner littered, advertising venture. but i digress. the site was entertaining, catered to my friends and family and was fun to moderate. then one day my site was linked on memepool and had 10,000 hits in one day. and then the next day it dropped back down to nothing. i am glad my hosting service wasn’t charging for bandwidth overages back then. :)

  2. moonbug

    I’ll see your memepool and raise you a! Dave Winer linked to for some obscure reason one day (in 2001 I believe). Fun day traffic-wise.
    Of course, the day linked to KUR was a notable day in that site’s web-traffic history too. ;)

  3. Gaby

    “The day will come when everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”, Warhol said…

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