Carrying on with my previous post, here’s a little bizarre story for you. Couple of days ago i was browsing through the pictures while making this ecard for Weirdo Cards, when Gabriela asked if she could have a look. She inserted the cd, clicked randomly on some pictures and within seconds, she came across this picture:

A postcard — sent from Argentina in 1932 to someone in Ypres, by one Leonardus who is a relative of mine! We went through my dad’s notes and it turns out there was a Leonardus who apparently immigrated there around that time.

Wondering whether there would still be offspring of this man in Rosario, Argentina, Gabriela (who is Argentine) consulted some local phone directory and came across an Yvonne Verfaillie. She called her on the phone, and sure enough: she’s the granddaughter of said Leonardus.

Ecards, postcards, Argentina, voices from the past, all tangled up in one wondrous serendipitous event. Gabriela has all the pictures and some updates…