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Spring Is Coming!

I can tell because today, for the first time, insects of various persuasions got splattered all over my front windshield while I was driving home from work.

Spring is coming!


  1. Roger Bourland

    Spring is in LA too! We are likely getting our last rain until next November. The orange blossoms and night blooming jasmine make our backyard an olfactoric orgy.

    I’m lucky enough I’m working at home these days, and with the price of gas out here ($3/gallon), I don’t have to deal with splattered bugs.

  2. Roberto

    I just noted you have a drawing of Tracy Lords in your weirdo cards, you auld pervert. I’d like to see Amber Lynn or even better, Ginger Lynn.
    You have brought me back so many memories of my younger days…

  3. moonbug

    Thanks for that Roberto: not knowing those names, I had to go and do a search on google images for them. At work. :)

    Aaah, memories eh?

  4. Roberto

    I loved Ginger every day of my teens. Twice on Sundays.
    Many memories.

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