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How To Draw An Androgynous Gnome

A gnome, wikipedia will have us believe, is “a mythical creature characterized by small stature and living underground”.

Fair enough.

But what about oversized, androgynous, sexually ambiguous gnomes with a penchant for open air activity and sassy boots?

Take One:

We need some color. Second pass:

A little background imagery to finish it off…

… and that’s how you draw an androgynous gnome.

Thank me not! The eCard is available at the exit. Don’t forget your guide.


4 thoughts on “How To Draw An Androgynous Gnome

  1. Moonbug, what a fun gnome. I like the little dots you added by his right foot in the last one. I couldn’t help thinking of Mœbius when i saw it — he reminded me of some characters i saw in the “Arzach” comics.

  2. Hahaha!!! It’s funny, i thought about that after submitting my comment! Freudian slip, without a doubt.
    Thank you for your comment on my latest drawing. I love R. Crumb and he certainly has influenced me a great deal.

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