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Warm Beer And Cold Women

See? Told you there was a reason for this.

warm beer and cold women

… and yes: I am now officially knee-deep in Tom Waits Territory. Last week, Gaby and I robbed the local library of whatever Tom Waits CD’s were available, and have been putting them on heavy rotation since. I absolutely love working on this — wish I had more illustration jobs that were equally challenging and inspiring.


  1. pmbc

    Sure the subject is challenging and inspiring.
    The results are excellent!

  2. tommi

    I can second that comment and the above ;)

    As for more projects like this, I’m working on it …

    There seem to be three things, one of which could be a possible follow up (one Mothers-related, one Zappa related and one Thing-Fish-related), if this one doesn’t ruin me. If they will be as “big” as this one, I don’t know …

  3. wagonized

    I love the Tom Waits sketches. And i meant to tell you — your new banner works. I like how the side of the glasses directs our gaze to the pen, then to the paper… good choice of picture.

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