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  • I had fun last night sketching a buxom Betty Page-esque 50s stripper (yes: this does have a purpose, stay tuned). The drawing’s unfinished at present, however here’s a litle time-lapse movie showing the proceedings thus far (partial nudity alert).
  • My attempt at a YouTube version turned out to be rather crappy, alas.
  • In other news, I’ve posted some pictures of my “workspace” on Flickr for your perusal. You’ll note the slightly surreal webcam-taped-to-a-microphone-stand set-up used to shoot the movies.
  • Gabriela took some nice pictures of the area where we live. So nice in fact, people in the comments are convinced it is a cardboard stage dreamed up by scriptwriters. Ha!

6 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Duncan says:

    Yes. Yes. :-)

    There is a firewire connection on the top of the stand which the camera plugs into – allowing it to be solidly positioned at any angle required.

  2. Couldn’t find this at the (Belgian) Apple store. Wonder how much shipping mac-pro.com charges outside the US…

  3. Well I’ll be — thanks for doing my research for me!
    I may well purchase one in the coming weeks… :-)

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