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The Big September ’06 Banner Swap

Out with the old, in with the new! The previous moonbug banner (codename “meh”) had been sitting up there for close to 2 years, its depicted “self-portrait” leading many a reader into believing that I am an old, grumpy, ugly curmudgeon. While all of the aforementioned adjectives may well be true (with the obvious exception of “ugly”), I figured it was time for a change. The new one is a cropped version of this photo as taken by my beloved better half. I hope you like it, as it is here to stay. If not, you can always keep abreast of moonbug dot org via RSS. You decide…

Note: make sure you force refresh your browser into downloading the new css-stylesheet…


  1. Gaby

    So, you are NOT old, grumpy and ugly??! I’m disappointed… :-)

    The header looks great!

  2. pat

    but look at how he holds his pen! insanity!

  3. moonbug

    I’ll leave it to your imagination how I hold my fork and knife…

  4. Luciano

    ta bueno

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