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The Ditch And How To Hit It

Behold: a cross between Chris Cornell, Russell Crowe and Tom Waits!


Just to say that sometimes a drawing takes you to places you didn’t expect, and weren’t aiming for to begin with. When that happens, embrace that drawing for what it is. To realize that you’ve hit the ditch can be a most refreshing experience. The ditch is where it’s at most of the time, after all. There is no challenge in being middle of the road. Is there?


  1. wagonized

    Moonbug, i am afraid i’ve been in that ditch more times than i wish to admit, but gosh you’re right. What a place to contemplate how we got there. Yet i wouldn’t consider this one a bad swerve. I see Tom Waits and the lines on his neck are powerful. Looks pretty pugnacious in fact.

  2. moonbug

    “Pugnacious” indeed! This one’s for a chapter where Waits gets into a lawsuit with the company that produces Doritos chips — they had aired a radio ad with a tune sung by a guy that sounded *exactly* like him. He won the law suit eventually, but had had plenty of reason to be pugnacious by then.

    I’m glad you still see Tom Waits in there. A little photoshopping is in order, but I think I’ll keep this one… :-)

  3. tommi

    I like his look. Makes me look out for that upper-cut that’d be flying my way if I’m not careful. He sued so many people over the same cause and rightly so. Even Audi Spain. Good man.

  4. moonbug

    Here’s a little Tom Waits related anecdote for you: a friend of mine who’s involved in the organization of the Belgian Dranouter folk festival had heard that Waits was staying in a hotel in Amsterdam and decided to send him a fax, asking whether he’d be willing to perform at the festival. Not much later a fax came back whereupon in big letters it was written: “FUCK OFF.” That fax is now hanging in my friend’s living room :-)

  5. wagonized

    Ah Moonbug, i had to look up Wally Torta. Love it.

  6. moonbug

    Ah, so you’ve found Crackskull Bob have you? Be sure to check out Wally’s flickr pages as well!

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