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Doreen: I'm with the band!

Yup: this here birthday boy has had a blast over the weekend. Gabriela threw an absolutely fabulous surprise party with a new mystery guest arriving every 2 hours or so. Put 9 Zappa-freaks in a room with lots of food, wine and beer, and what you’ll end up with is some pretty entertaining conversation! Thanks to all who could make it! The Flickr set is right over here.


  1. wagonized

    Moonbug — sounds like a wild party. Happy, uh, 21st birthday! :-)
    In response to your comment — i have tried to sketch Elliott Smith before but nothing turned out quite in the spirit of his music. Which leads me to believe that most times, when drawing from pictures, drawings are as good as the pictures they are drawn from. It’s a bit of a struggle for me.

  2. moonbug

    Thanks for the good wishes :-)

    As for your “nothing turned out quite in the spirit of his music” comment: when I’m drawing from a picture (which I do a lot these days, heh), I always try to concentrate not only on facial features and shapes but also on what makes the person what s/he is and stands for, the state of mind s/he’s in. It’ll make me exaggerate an eyebrow or the curve of a chin and it’s those little things that give the drawing (and the subject) its personality.

    Having said that: judging from your recent “jazz drawings”, you know exactly how to do that. :-)

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