the sun's not yellow it is chicken


Remember that Tom Waits job? The book’s about to be published, and it will include all 12 illustrations created by Gaby and I. The book’s already gotten some (Austrian) press buzz (click for big version):

Tom Waits: Musik & Mythos Press Article

By the way, pre-order now and you’ll get a free set of postcards with our illustrations printed on them.

Chuffed, I am!

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  1. tombo

    Chuffed we are. The book sits in my basement. In 1500 parallel existing instances, weighing a total of 1.05 tons. The press buzz keeps going on. The sales are dropping in. There was an impromtu reading in a Stuttgart bar on Saturday evening. Which evolved into an “open megaphone” night. How appropriate. A parcel will be on its way to Belgium tomorrow …

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