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Chateau L’ile Déserte

desert island

It’s “Bring Some Color To Moonbug” Day apparently. Here’s an oldie that came out rather nice, playing on the desert island cartoon-theme. It’s the first of a four panel cartoon for an invitation but I won’t bore you with the punchline. Coloring was done in Photoshop by setting the brush tool to “Darken”, then adding color on the same layer as the black line — hit or miss, that is. If I’d have known then that there’s such a thing as setting the line-layer to “Multiply”, then doing your coloring safely on another layer underneath, I’d have saved myself a lot of headaches…


4 thoughts on “Chateau L’ile Déserte

  1. I love the color addition–I can’t do any b/w anymore, they look so dead in comparison. Color on!

  2. Hi, dropping by via the edm ML…

    Wow, moonbug has gone colour! This is great! Funny you should mention about colouring in Photoshop. That’s exactly what I do with some of the sketches for my blog, albeit much more haphazardly ;) Try “colourizing” some of your linework in Photoshop next time too. It’s fun! (and addictive…)

  3. Yeah, I’m really enjoying splashing around in Photoshop these days. That app is a godsend for lazy people like me! :) Want to know how I colored linework in Ph’shop some 8 years ago? I actually used the magic wand to select whitespaces I wanted to have the same color, then filled them with the bucket. Absolute madness. Good thing I took a Ph’shop course shortly thereafter.

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