Whoah, Color!

gaby 13 9 2005

Looking at Wally Torta‘s drawings, I noticed he colors many of his drawings straight from within Photoshop as opposed to, oh, mucking about with water color. Here’s a stab at that kind of technique. Sorta, kinda…

Edit: …an hour later and I’m still at it. Slow day at the office…
gaby bis


3 thoughts on “Whoah, Color!

  1. I definitely like this drawing in color. I think I prefer the top one. And I like the moonbug banner in color too. Very nice!

  2. Moonbug goes technicolor! Thanks Evy, your comment is much appreciated. I think I like the first one better too — more spontaneous than the second attempt which was mainly me killing time in the office… :)

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