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Tattoo You (3)

Well here we are: I think the tattoo drawing is pretty much finished. I had some trouble making the cherub top left look “less evil” (per request of the client who for now, shall remain nameless!) — I wonder what that says about my personality. The solution came by way of Gaby who superimposed an image of a cherub’s face in Photoshop and went on to draw the eyes, nose and mouth from there. Now you may consider this cheating but it did get the job done, so what the hey…

Here’s approximately the final size of the tattoo:

tattoo final

… and here’s how I imagine it will more-or-less look tattooed on skin:

tattoo final (on skin)

I can tell you one thing: it’s gonna be a while before I draw cherubs again.


11 thoughts on “Tattoo You (3)

  1. Really great! Nice job, congratulations! Oh yes, I might have missed the info: where will it be tattoed?

  2. I do, but what I mean is that even not liking the motif, one has to recon the artistic work and the beauty of the image.

  3. Ahh, after Bougereau’s “Springtime”, yes?

    You’ve done a good job of extracting the essentials to make it very iconic for a tattoo. I think the drapes you’ve added to the putti and the image of Springtime helps to make it much more discreet to wear on one’s arm.

  4. The painting invites one to go and acquire a machine gun. Isn’t?
    But not to harm the lady, of course!

  5. Hmmm… I think it’s illegal to shoot cherubs with machine guns (unless of course their number groes too high, at which point it becomes a legitimate matter of keeping the flock viable).

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