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Elliott Smith’s Two Meter Session

In April ’98 I had the good fortune of seeing Elliott Smith live at the Vooruit in Ghent. I remember him coming on stage: incredibly shy and unassuming, apparently totally unaware of the fact that the place was sold out to a bunch of people who had adored “Roman Candle”, “Either/Or” and “XO”, and were delighted to hear him play live. The concert turned out to be mesmerizing. I don’t usually keep ticket stubs, but here’s my exception to the rule:


Later that year, Elliott was scheduled to appear on a Dutch TV-show called “Two Meter Sessions”. I was away from home spending my time in Ghent at the time but managed to catch this appearance on video through the wonders of vcr programming. And now, thanks to a recently purchased vhs-to-dvd recorder, so can you.

I had a bit of trouble splitting the footage in two so as to oblige YouTube — hope you enjoy it anyway:

Part One:

(YouTube link)

Part Two:

(YouTube link)

You’re dearly missed, Elliott.


4 thoughts on “Elliott Smith’s Two Meter Session

  1. Thank you for the videos. Goodness, unassuming is the word. The simple version of Waltz #2 is gorgeous. How lucky were you to see him in 98, when all the hype was right around the corner.
    … and i’ve been to Vooruit in Ghent!

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