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How Not To Reinvent The Wheel

So how do you like my new diggs? I was terminally fed up with the old theme — you know the one with the scary close-up of my face. Rather than to start from scratch, I had a look at some WordPress themes and instantly fell in love with the Hemingway theme. Its minimalism is refreshing, and the black/grey colour combo really brings out my drawings a lot better. See for instance:

Now all that’s needed is for me to get into the habit of posting a bit more regularly. To my defense, and without going into much detail, January has proven to be a pretty shitty month for both Gaby and me. Things are looking up now though.

And with that said, I’m off to admire my shiny new theme for a couple more hours. :)


5 thoughts on “How Not To Reinvent The Wheel

  1. Duncan says:

    My aged eyes find the text too small and a couple of shades too dark. Although it all brightens up (with Firefox 2) when I hover over the search box or click on a link.

    Agreed – It does make a good frame for the drawings.

  2. Duncan says:

    But the comments seem to appear a couple of shades brighter :)

    Use that colour for the rest of the text and it will be a fine shiny new theme.

  3. Kudos on your new format. It’s fun to experiment a bit with the template, isn’t it?
    It looks very professional, as if you know what you are doing. Very nice.

  4. I just turned the lights back on! :)
    The black-on-white type is much easier on the eyes, indeed. I may switch back to black at anytime though!

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