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Lots of artwork going on. I’ll most probably be illustrating the German version of a biography of a “very well known musician” (hint: Waltzing Mathilda!). Gabriela and I are also working on a series of collages for a feature film documentary dedicated to Frank Zappa’s Cucamonga days (early to mid ’60s). To whet your appetite, here’s a drawing I made from a very fuzzy photo downloaded from the interwebs:

Cucamonga: Zappa\'s Early Mothers Of Invention


  1. Karen Winters

    Great drawing!

  2. moonbug

    Thanks! Oh, and for those wondering: no, that guy to the left is not George Lucas.

  3. Vonster

    Great artwork!

    Thanks for the link to ‘’

  4. SodaPaul

    How about showing us the real photo .

    Zappa Freak
    Montreal Canada

  5. tony z

    Link to ‘Necessity Is’ on Amazon. (formatted by moonbug)

  6. Roger Bourland

    Terrific! You’re the best. and congratulations on your commissions.

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