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All Quiet On The Western Front

New look — one that I can actually live with for a while hopefully. I admire people who grab or design a template and then stick with it for the next ten years. Not me. Had to jump some hoops though to keep everything in place. All the drawings and photos posted here have been uploaded at 490px wide since I kickstarted moonbug dot org. Having switched to this 435px (content) wide layout — images sporting a 3px border — I had to find a way to display them accordingly. CSS to the rescue:

#mainCol img {width: 429px; height: auto;}

In plain English, that rule says: “make anything that is an image 429px wide and adjust the height accordingly”. Fine and dandy except for IE 5.5 which in its blatant ignorance chooses to give the middle finger, which is fine by me because if you’re reading this with IE 5.5, listen: your grandkid wants to play; get off the net already. Caveat: what happens to images that are smaller than 429px wide? Ha! This. Which is in fact the very reason why I am posting this: to have that entry wiped off of the frontpage. :-)

I’m also happy to have brought some of my favorite links back into the frontpage limelight. They were sort of buried away in the previous “Hemingway” theme. What else… Oh, you now get a chance to listen to my radio station! Hurrah for sidebar widgets that nobody ever uses! And those Google ads to the right? Ignore ’em.

Apart from this lousy update, there is one thing that I am dying to tell you — but editorial restrictions are keeping me from doing so for now. You’ll just have to wait, won’t you?

Stay tuned.


  1. Clopin

    I’m growing more and more fond of these very tight, minimalistic designs. Nice!

  2. moonbug

    Thanks! And yes: Derek Punsalan’s Grid Focus is a beauty. I’ve become a grid-convert ever since I read Khoy Vinh’s Grids Are Good presentation. A must read :-)

  3. LK

    Hey moonbug, great site you have here! I’m currently using the same WP theme as you and was wondering how you enabled images to show on the front page of the blog? Been trying to find out for a while..any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  4. moonbug

    Thanks LK!

    To get full entries on your front page, find this line in the “Main Index Template”:

    < ?php the_content_rss('', FALSE, '', 68); ?>

    …and replace it with:

    < ?php the_content(); ?>

    Mind the space between “<" and "?php" above -- WP added it to this comment; it should not be there. That should do the trick :-)

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